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Arranging a Cremation

To arrange a cremation in England or Wales, where the death occurred abroad, you will need a cremation order from the Local Coroner or a form 6 from the coroner. Their details will be available from any local funeral director. Either of these dispenses with the need for forms 4 and 5 in England or Wales. In respect of deaths in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, the equivalent of forms 4 and 5 are acceptable in England and Wales.

If death was from natural causes, the Local Coroner will issue an order on the production of the application for cremation (form 1) and original documents (which must clearly state the cause of death) from the country where death occurred. The Local Coroner may require authorised translations of documents in some foreign languages. You should send these forms to the Local Coroner. Mark your envelope ‘Cremation Urgent’.

If the death is not due to natural causes is must be the subject of a coroner’s inquest. In these cases the coroner will issue form 6 for cremation on opening the inquest.

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