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Arrears of Benefit

The personal representative can claim any arrears of social security benefits still owing to the deceased. There may be money due if the deceased was receiving or had recently claimed a benefit. Show the Jobcentre, Jobcentre Plus or social security office form BD8 from the registrar and ask them for a form to apply for any arrears. The procedure is the same whether benefit is payable at a post office or to an account. Arrears may sometimes be paid without the need to claim.

Ask the social security office for more information as soon as you can if:

  • The deceased was awaiting the outcome of an appeal against a decision about a social security benefit; or
  • You think he or she may have been eligible for a social security benefit but did not claim it. You may be able to act on behalf of the deceased and arrears of benefit may be payable to the estate.

The Secretary of State can be asked to appoint someone to proceed with a claim made before death.

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