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Checklist Of Things To Do

  • Gather the information needed for the death certificate at the funeral home. Parents’ names, social security number and date of birth of the deceased, their place of work and occupation.
  • Consider embalming the body. This decision will determine the timing of many decisions you make, as bodies that are not embalmed have to be buried sooner.
  • Clothing and jewellery if it is a traditional burial.
  • Consider cremation or burial.
  • Consider the type of burial, if you have already purchased a plot; bring the deed with you to the funeral directors. If you know you have a plot but do not have the deed in your possession, the funeral director can check with the cemetery overseer. Otherwise, a plot will need to be purchased. If you have chosen a woodland burial give your funeral director the details. If you prefer a vault or mausoleum, a funeral director will assist with the options and costs.
  • Select the coffin or casket which can be a personal design, wool, wood, cardboard, metal, willow, bamboo, banana leaf etc.
  • Open or closed casket – you can opt to have the casket open during the memorial service, in which case ensure your clergy is aware of your wishes.
  • Decide on calling hours at the funeral home, which are normally between 2-4pm or 7-9pm.
  • Funeral Services – you need to consider where and when the service will be conducted. You can opt to have the service before the burial or cremation, or after the burial or cremation. You can decide to have the service at the funeral home, church/temple/mosque, at the graveside or some special venue of your choice, prior to burial.
  • Seating arrangements – you can decide the seating arrangements and either let your funeral director know, or get a friend or family member to organise.
  • Compose the obituary and decide which newspapers or other publications will be used to place the obituary notice.
  • Flower arrangements – decide on the type of flower arrangements to be provided by the family. You may want to speak to the relatives about your chosen floral arrangements, as you will need to dispose of some of them after the funeral. It is quite common for you to nominate charities for donations and we are pleased to nominate Breakthrough Breast Cancer, The Blue Cross and British Legion.
  • Photographs – consider setting up a photo album to remind well wishers and family of the life of the deceased.
  • Memorabilia – you may wish to set up reminders that reflect the interests of the deceased: football, golf etc.
  • Eulogies – decide who will deliver the eulogy. It can be clergy, a friend or relative or a combination of both.
  • Special recognition – consider any accomplishments of the deceased which might be political, scientific, religious, charitable or athletic.
  • Memorial cards – these can be purchased from the funeral home or you can have your own printed. These memorial cards normally include a favourite picture of the deceased and a poem or message they were particularly fond of. These cards are often sent to friends and family who could not attend the funeral.
  • Pall bearers – you normally need between four to six men, and these can be family and friends or the funeral home can arrange people to carry out this duty.
  • Music at the funeral – you can get generic funeral home selections or bring favourite music of the deceased. In some cases you can organise for your own musicians to attend and perform.
  • Funeral transportation – transportation of the deceased is usually provided by the funeral directors, but if you require something special as shown in this magazine give the funeral director the contact details, and he will include this for you. You also need to consider transport to the service for close family and friends.
  • Grave memorials – a temporary marker may be used if a permanent one has not been purchased or engraved yet.
  • Funeral party/wake – decide whether there will be a wake/party to celebrate the life of the deceased. Consider where and when to hold this celebration, check our funeral reception venues for ideas.
  • Accommodating out of town family and friends – you may wish to assist with travel plans and airport pick-ups and help with hotels and lodgings.
  • Always remember it is you who is arranging the funeral and ensuring a fitting tribute to the memory of someone deeply missed. If you have any queries or concerns relating to any services listed within this magazine, or that a funeral director is unwilling to provide the exact products or services requested, contact Bereavement Today on Tel: 0207 467 4420.
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