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Funeral Plans

The Funeral Plan is a straightforward way of continuing to look after your family and make sure your own personal wishes are carried out when you are gone. By taking a pre-paid funeral plan now you can take advantage of today’s prices and avoid soaring funeral costs in the future. Planning for your funeral in advance ensures your funeral will happen exactly as you intended and at the same time make the funeral arrangements for your family far easier to deal with.

When making your funeral plan there are many options open to you, you may choose a conventional hearse, a horse-drawn carriage or even a VW Camper (see our feature on funeral transport), a willow or mahogany coffin or many other options (see our feature on coffins), a churchyard burial or a woodland burial or a special place to scatter your ashes. A funeral plan provides you with an opportunity to decide on every detail and personalise the day as you would want it.

Top Tips

  • Make sure you have a written record of the arrangements and keep it safe, you should receive a funeral plan confirmation.
  • It is a good idea to ensure that your next of kin knows you have already paid for your funeral and what the details are.
  • Check to see that the plan provider has a clear complaints procedure, and is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority, the industry’s professional body.
  • Shop around for the plan that best suits you, as there are many to choose from and some can have restrictions on which funeral directors can be used, and some plans do not include disbursement costs (doctor’s fees, clergy and crematoria).
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