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If the Death Occurs Elsewhere

Many people who die at home have been ill for some time and therefore their death has been expected. In such a case, contact the doctor who has attended the deceased during their final illness. The doctor may be able to certify the cause of death and provide the following:

  • Medical Certificate showing the cause of death (this is free and will be in a sealed envelope addressed to the registrar).
  • Formal Notice that states that the doctor has signed the Medical Certificate and tells you how to get the death registered.


Unexpected Death

If someone dies unexpectedly, you should contact the following:

  • the family doctor (if known)
  • the deceased’s nearest relative
  • the deceased’s minister of religion (if appropriate)
  • the police (who will help find the people above if necessary)

If for any reason you suspect the death was not due to natural causes, do not touch or move anything in the room and contact the police immediately. The death may be referred to the coroner.

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