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Stillborn Babies


If a baby is stillborn (born after the 24the week of pregnancy) you will be given a Medical Certificate of Stillbirth signed by the midwife or doctor, which you should give to the registrar. If no doctor or midwife was present and no doctor or midwife has examined the body, you must sign form 35 which the registrar will give you.

The registrar will give you a Certificate for Burial or Cremation and aCertificate of Registration of Stillbirth. You can ask to have a first name entered for a stillborn baby. The registrar will write the baby’s name on these certificates if the name is recorded in the register. It is also possible to get certified copies of the entry of stillbirth.

The information for registration of a stillbirth may be given to any registrar in England and Wales. The procedure is similar to that for deaths.


The hospital may offer to arrange a burial or cremation, free of charge, for every stillborn baby, whether born in hospital or at home. You should discuss the funeral arrangements with the hospital staff or midwife. If you accept the offer, the baby will be cremated or buried after a simple ceremony. The parents can, if they wish, arrange the funeral themselves.

Maternity Benefits

If your baby was stillborn after 24 weeks of pregnancy you may still be entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay or Maternity Allowance. For more information see leaflet BC1 Babies and children or, for more detailed information see NI17A A guide to maternity benefits on the DWP website at:

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